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Find the Heating System That’s Most Efficient For Your Home or Office

A furnace’s efficiency is important because it can conserve energy which will save you money on heating bills and improve the flow of your home’s heating system. A gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy is determined by its AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher the AFUE, the better for your home and your wallet! Let our furnace and heating professionals take care of the details for you.

Another popular option for heating systems is a heat pump.

What are the Benefits of Heat Pumps?

  •   They dehumidify indoor air as it cools
  •   Can be used year round making them cost effective
  •   Can produce smaller temperature swings adding to your comfort
  •   Longer life expectancy
  •   Lower electrical consumption year-round
  •   Better heat transfer and more even heat
  •   Cutting-edge technology
  •   And… many more!

Although most commonly noted for being used in the cold months of winter, heat source pumps can be used year-round. By taking heat from the outside of your property or home and circulating it inside through air ducts, your home or business is efficiently heated. The opposite happens in the summertime when the heat pump takes heat from inside your home and releases it our doors to serve as a cooling mechanism.

The use of air heat pumps is a great, efficient way to heat and cool your home, while also improving your air quality.

Emergency Heating Repair & Furnace Service

Our HVAC specialists are licensed experienced professionals when it comes to furnace repairs, installation, and maintenance. Breakdowns or malfunctions with heating methods or systems are no laughing matter. They can be an extreme inconvenience in your everyday life.

If you encounter or suspect a problem with your furnace, it is important that you get immediate attention. Or if you would like to speak with one of our technicians to discuss installing a new furnace or upgrading your current heating system, we can do that too! Trust in your local, dependable heating specialists at Craig Mechanical Services.

Let Us Help

We are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in furnace efficiency, repairs and installations and it is our priority to preserve your comfortable, convenient lifestyle in your home or workplace. At Craig Mechanical Services, we use the newest, state-of-the-art repair and installation methods and equipment so we can be sure that we meet your heating service needs quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about Furnace Efficiency, Furnace Repairs, Furnace Installations or Heat Source Pumps, call Craig Mechanical Services today!

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