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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Pipe Relining (Pipe Lining)

Pipelining or pipe relining is a great state-of-the-art option to avoid home or property damages when you need to repair damaged pipes. Residential plumbing technology is on the rise and with the use of new CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) processes, you can avoid unnecessary repairs to your home that pipe relining used to bring. These advanced methods not only save you stress and money but also means no more digging up flooring, tearing down walls, or excavating driveways and sidewalks!

What is pipe relining?

  •   It is a system to coat the inside of the existing piping creating a new inner piping that has a long life span of around 50+ years. This method saves large amounts of time and money; it is quick, efficient, and no additional money is needed to repair property damages like you did using traditional procedures.
  •   It can repair clay, PVC and cast iron which has a tendency to deteriorate and leave broken pipes and leaks over time, which is commonly hard to recognize until water bills drastically increases or water becomes discolored or odorous.

Pipe Bursting

One downside to sewer repair is that it can be extremely damaging to your yard, driveway, patio, and other areas of your property. After fixing your sewer, you’ll have to put additional money into returning your home back to its original state… until now! Trenchless sewer repair can preserve the beauty of your property by using your old damaged pipe as a guide to replace it with a new, healthy pipe. With only two small holes above the damaged pipe, your sewer line problems and faulty pipes can be fixed with minimal damage to your property. Call Craig Mechanical Services today to learn more about the benefits of trenchless sewer repair and how you can save valuable time and money!

For trenchless sewer line replacement we:

  •   Locate the bad pipe
  •   Dig a small access hole on both ends of the bad pipe
  •   Force a new pipe line through the old pipe
  •   Reconnect the sewer line to the home and to the city sewer lines
*This method is more cost effective and does not disturb lawns or walkways.*

The Benefits – Why is Trenchless Sewer Repair Better?

  •   Prevents future root intrusion and stops leaks
  •   Increases flow capacity
  •   No digging or destruction to your property
  •   Offers the same strength as new pipes
  •   Cost effective alternative to total replacement

Our plumbing experts at Craig Mechanical Services are here to make your life easier. If your plumbing system is functioning properly without any problems or damages, you will be able to maintain a comfortable, convenient lifestyle in your home or business. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are here to answer any questions you may have about Pipe Relining, Repiping, Copper Piping, Pex Piping, and any other plumbing or piping needs.

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