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Copper Repiping & Pex Piping

Plumbers Offer Quality Pipe Relining and Replacement

Plumbers always recommend copper piping for the safest, cleanest drinking water for a family’s use and consumption. If you have galvanized or polybutylene pipes in your plumbing system, not will they acquire rust but they are also susceptible to clogs, breaks, and leaks and can corrode over time. If you are thinking about updating your pipes and drains, give us a call for a free estimate on copper piping.

Copper piping is the most durable pipe and is generally guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to fifty years. Another benefit is that copper piping will not corrode and if you decide ever to sell your home or property, your property value will significantly increase. At Craig Mechanical Services, we stand behind the most trusted brands, use the leading, state-of-the-art equipment, and are staffed with repiping and pipe experts who know the ins and outs of the piping industry.

You may need Pipe Repair or Repiping if you experience:

  •   Low water pressure
  •  Rusty water
  •   Leaky pipes
  •   Water leaking through your foundation
  •   Water running even when faucets are closed
  •   Unusually high water bills

PEX Piping – Leading the Plumbing Industry in the San Gabriel Valley

Over time, pipes tend to deteriorate to some degree and can cause low water pressure, discolored water, and leaky pipes. The buildup of lime and mineral deposits can slow the flow of the water which can result in inconsistent water temperatures. PEX piping is an excellent choice for repiping because it is clean, doesn’t corrode, and it will last a lifetime. PEX Piping has made huge advancements in the plumbing industry and is a dependable, reliable source for all of your residential piping or commercial piping needs.

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